The story is set on an island whose name is an amalgam of “ama,” or “mother,” and “luna,” or “moon.” his magical romance, inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest, takes you to a mysterious island where goddesses walk the land and the rhythm of life is ruled by the cycles of the moon. The daughter of Queen Prospera is undergoing the rituals of her coming-of-age ceremony when a group of young men, caught up in a storm, become stranded on the island. Prospera’s daughter falls in love with one of the brave sailors, but the two lovers must overcome many trials and setbacks before finding peace together.

As the story unfolds, acrobatic amazons, aerial performers, dancers, uniciclists, jugglers, and clowns show us a good time the way Cirque du Soleil does.

Unfortunately our show was performed by rotation numbers, so we got to see back-up acts and artists. The upside is that even the back-up cast makes the show shine bright.

The show was evolved since its original release. It has now become a more solid performance overall. Adding banquine to the show has been a relevant contribution. Nonetheless, Cali the Lizard’s juggling act is missed.

Definitely a must see show. Visit them next in Oaks Pennsylvania opening in July 2019