Viva Fest 2019 – Life of the Circus

From April 17th to the 21st we assisted to the Vegas International Variety Act Festival, also known as Viva Fest. In a week long competition and cabaret, Cornerstone Park welcomed acrobats and entertainers from all across the globe. We came together to celebrate talent, art, and the joy of stretching and balancing our bodies to amaze audiences worldwide.
This event was a wonderful opportunity to share our skills, technique, and general experience with our peers. The tent had it all, ranging from basic handstands to all sorts of technical and daring aerial artistry.
A new generation proved their ability to learn and perform in front of a professional crowd. They learned the best techniques from the best acrobatic and balance professionals. At the same time, as professionals, we got to be inspired by their fresh perspective, and challenge ourselves to do more and create more. We take pride in our connection to the circus community and it gives us such great joy to take part in events as relevant as this.


Do you want to witness how much VivaFest influenced our work? Let’s make magic happen together! Just name the event, and we will find a great set of numbers to make it an unbelievable experience.