Welcome Spring! – Life of the Circus

Winter is gone! Remember those cold dark days? You probably have the memories of all those wonderful end-of-year get togethers. We all shared best wishes, gifts, and memories of the year we left behind. But now it is time to celebrate the new!

Spring is a season to grow in full bloom.


The grass is green, flowers are blooming, and our inspiration and imagination seem to bloom as well. This Spring also brings the perfect time to do that product launch, or that community building event or fundraiser. Get ready to bring people together, and make the best out of all the new products, new people, and new resources coming your way!


What does that mean for us? All of this means that Spring and Summer bring with them the sound of the Mermaids and water spheres. Pool parties and garden events are a must! What do you have in mind? We are starting to imagine, and dress up our characters as they grow larger than life through their stilts.The acrobats, magicians, and clowns are lining up. We are ready for a hot, flowery, and happy season of colors, sounds and laughter.



Did we mention it is going to get hot in here? Fill your days and nights with the best experiences for you and your community! Let us share with you our “Life of the circus” with the best outdoors and indoors circus numbers and experiences.