EMCirque produces a large variety of Cirque performances. The client imagines the show and we make it come to life. Our performers transmit a different kind of energy and life, and fuse together different Cirque techniques, dance styles and world cultures. 

Our multidisciplinary performers have a large repertoire, which will provide many unique choices for any type of show or venue, providing ground, aerial, fire and water acts such as:   
  •         Aerial (Silks, Hoop, Rope, Trapeze...)
  •         Contortion
  •         Chinese pole
  •         Cyr wheel
  •         Fei-cha manipulation
  •         Fire dancing
  •         German wheel
  •         Hand to hand balancing
  •         Hand balancing (Canes, Chairs, Bow and Arrow...)
  •         Juggling
  •         LED dancing
  •         Mermaids
  •         Rola bola
  •         Stilt walking
  •         Sword swallowers
  •         Trampoline / Tramp wall
  •         Tight wire
  •         Unicycle
  •         Walking globe
  •         Water Sphere
EM Cirque is a group of artists brought together by their common passion for pushing their bodies and minds to the limits for their art and then sharing it with audiences. Our performers strive to meld and embrace all art forms and be on the cutting edge of new performance styles, while grounding themselves in the traditional techniques, as well.

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